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Jewelry Making: The Only Flux You Will Ever Need

Struggling with soldering? Yeah, I was too. I tried about a year ago to solder gold-filled wire with gold solder, and it just was not happening. I won’t name the flux I was using. There was also not a lot of resources online to walk you through soldering gold-filled material.

It was not until I tried again, this time with sterling silver to make a wedding band for a friend. I saw that in Europe or old school jewelry making, people swear by borax cones. I decided to give it a try, but I just bought a cheap box of Borax Powder for a whopping $4.borax

You don’t need anything else. In fact, if you’re not using this- switch.

Also I should note, you should look at videos on how to properly heat the metal around the solder and what that looks like. It is also important to have flush ends with no light showing through. You can use a metal file to clean and get the ends touching nicely.

End PSA.

xo Cleo

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