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DIY Industrial Necklace Holder


All of the materials are pretty inexpensive, and my dad had some tools handy that I borrowed. I even used scrap wood for my support base.

*post may contain affiliate links, which means I can gain a small profit at no cost to you. Thanks for your support!

What you will need:

-copper pipe pre-cut 2 ” at any length- Amazon or you can find it at Home Depot or any hardware store. The length I got was at around 2 ft.

-2 copper end caps 1/2″ – Home Depot

-1 tee cap 1/2″ – Home Depot

-1 Floor Flange 1/2″- Home Depot

-screws to fit floor flange (eyeball it)-Home Depot

-copper adapter 1/2″- Home Depot

-copper tee 1/2″

-tube cutter (thanks Dad) – Amazon

-saw (any that cuts through metal)- I used a hacksaw, not sure if it was the best way to go. I would recommend a tube cutter (above)- Amazon

-file (if you use a saw)- Amazon

-wood block any size


-copper metallic spray paint- Amazon

-primer spray paint – white or grey Amazon

copper 3

Step 1:

Cut pipe into three different pieces. My dad has all of the tools, and he recommended this pipe cutter. It cuts evenly, effortlessly, and creates a beveled edge so it is not too sharp!


If you use a saw like a jeweler’s saw, then you must bevel the edge with a metal file. Also, be extremely careful  and never cut towards you. If you do not have a safe way to cut the pipe then I recommend buying a metal tube cutter. 


Step 2- Arrange your copper pieces




Step 3- Cut, Sand, & Spray Paint

Cut wood to fit the size base you want. I eyeballed it but mine is 3.5″ x 5.5″.

I sanded it then used painters tape to create a design.

Prime, let dry, then spray paint your color.

I found two screw lying around that fit the flange hole. I just put in two on opposite ends and feel like that will do, however you can screw in all four holes. I recommend using a drill for its effortless and faster. However, if you do not have one, you can hammer and nail where the holes are. This creates a hole for you to manually screw in with a screwdriver.


Et fini!

Thanks for reading!

xo, Cleo

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