Inspirational Travel

I came up with my business, Project Bar, right at the beginning of Summer ’17. Immediately after I came to this new business idea, I had a much anticipated trip to Italy planned with the family including boyfriend. Following Italy, my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to have a trip planned for Peru just the two of us. I am a teacher, so I have all the summers off. Before this, I had not traveled outside of the country besides Canada- so this was BIG. I found myself so excited with the planning process and coming up with a business plan, it was hard to put the planning all on pause (that’s how excited I was, because come on…ITALY). I saw these wonderful upcoming travels as a rejuvenation/inspirational time. Also to not completely put the trip on the back burner, but to have Project Bar in the back of my mind and to slow it down and really plan

Below are pictures from both Italy and Peru that have inspired me, and continue to inspire me whenever I reminisce. I simply posted pictures below for viewing pleasure, and have not written about them.

Cities we went to in Italy: Modena, Florence, Rome, Siena, Tuscany, Pisa, Cinque Terre (my favorite), and Venice!



Peru: Lima, Cuzco, and Trujillo (where our friends got married!)

*I amazingly got to see TWO wonders of the world during these trips: The Coliseum and Machu Picchu


I highly recommend visiting Peru, it is very affordable, and great outdoor activities. The food was amazing in both Italy and Peru! I feel incredibly lucky to have seen these countries!

Here’s to more traveling in 2018!

xo Cleo

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