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DIY Wood Guides- Clay Slab Hack

Aside from Project Bar, I am a K-8 teacher in Brooklyn. I began teaching middle school Ceramics this year, which is giving me life. I focused in Printmaking and Ceramics in college, so this is right up my alley, and it feels really good to get back into clay.

For those of you who don’t know, when rolling out slabs of clay, you can use wood guides on the side to give you even thickness all throughout. I wanted to share with you other art teachers, or Ceramicists, a hack I have discovered for rolling out even slabs of clay. Instead of buying and cutting wood pieces to roll out even slabs of clay, you can hot glue wood stirring sticks that you can pick up for free, or if you happen to have some on you. I have a lot in the art room from the past art teacher. Being in New York, it is a pain to make my way to the hardware store (I know- crazy for my fellow country folk) and I do not have space to store a saw. So, I found my self avoiding rolling slabs because I did not have wood pieces to make sure my slab was even. I have a slab roller, however, it rolls out too thin of slabs for students new to this medium.

With just some hot glue and four pieces of paint stirrers, you have your cheap and easy slab wood pieces.


  • Wood Paint Stir Sticks (Free pick up at local paint store/hardware store if you do not have any). You can also Buy Bulk  – Amazon
  • Glue Gun from Amazon *comes with Glue sticks
  • Glue Sticks

Supplies for rolling out clay:

Step 1: Apply hot glue to one stick

IMG_5800 (2)
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Step 2: Align pieces together and hold until dry

*add more pieces for desired thickness of clay.

Step 3: Et voilà! Roll out your slab with wood pieces on the edge in order to create an even clay slab.

Happy making!

xo Cleo

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